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Family outings in neanderland

Spending the summer holidays together

Are you planning a family trip that will give children and parents unforgettable experiences and adventures? Are you spending the summer holidays at home and want to plan adventure trips with children? Then it should neanderland, close to the major cities of Düsseldorf, Cologne and the Ruhr area, should be your destination, as it has a lot to offer for activities with the family.

How about a treetop tour in the forest climbing park, surfing, water skiing or fun and action in the numerous swimming pools and on the popular adventure playgrounds in NRW? The child-oriented leisure activities at the adventure farms are also particularly popular. Indoors, the trampoline park or the go-kart track are a real blast. With special children's activities, the region's museums prove that education can be really exciting. Here you will find many ideas for excursion destinations in neanderland!

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Summer holidays in neanderland

Finally school holidays!

To ensure that there is no boredom during the six weeks of vacation, we have participatory programs and excursion tips for families in neanderland How about the holiday program of the Neanderthal Museum, where Stone Age crime novels and cave art are offered? The ships MS Experimenta and MS Wissenschaft are waiting for happy explorers at the pier in Monheim am Rhein, and there is an exciting puzzle rally in the Castle and Fittings Museum in Velbert. In Ratingen, herrH is performing a hands-on concert for children, and in Langenfeld, the virtual reality experience 7th Space is offering summer holiday discounts. Download the holiday program now!

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For summer holidays and leisure

Games, fun & sports

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Swimming pools & outdoor pools

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Art & Culture for Kids

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Experience nature & discover animals

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Adventure farms in neanderland

Family fun on the farm

When it comes to children's enthusiasm, farms are usually a sure-fire success. After all, there is so much to do: driving tractors, feeding and petting animals, helping with the harvest, romping in the hay and so on... Perhaps your next family outing will be to a farm? The adults can either join in, find out more about the production conditions, or enjoy themselves in the farm café. Your children will end up there of their own accord at some point. Farm life makes you hungry.

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Children's birthdays in neanderland

That's when the party really starts

The birthday is the highest holiday of the year for every child and is, at best, unforgettable: with a special celebration, with friends and family. In the neanderland you will find many offers and excursions that will help you to create a very special experience. The offers at the adventure farms are particularly popular with families and young people celebrating anniversaries. Numerous exciting activities on the farm, in the meadows or in the riding hall, as well as encounters with the animals, ensure special memories.

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