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With the support of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which provides funds from European funds to promote tourism, the... neanderland Various projects have already been successfully implemented. This is particularly true in the areas of regional development, marketing and development of a digital infrastructure neanderland We are on the right track and what we have achieved will continue to be expanded. Below you will find a description of the goals and purposes of the most recent REACT and Territorial Strategy Concept (ERDF) projects. 

REACT - digitization in tourism

The country North Rhine-Westphalia provides funds for the digital transformation in tourism available to enable tourism organizations to adequately equip and communicate with a view to the new requirements and conditions for competitive tourism destinations in the digital age and under the conditions of the pandemic.

The promotion is aimed at Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) as regional tourism organizations or associations of these regions, the cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf as well as the State Marketing Organization (LMO) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia as important players who are intended to make an important contribution to strengthening resilience in tourism during and after the Corona crisis. In the area of ​​digitalization, the goal is to establish digital-technical infrastructures, develop digital offerings and strengthen digital communication. The tourism product portfolio must be adapted and improved to the new conditions and requirements that digitalization and the pandemic place on tourism. Together with Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH, this has neanderland receive a positive funding decision. The implementation period ends in spring 2023.

Eligible are expenses for the funding items listed below, including commissioning and the use of the necessary accessories and necessary services:

  • Creation of digital content
  • Creation of interfaces for the transport of digital content
  • Digital Content Marketing
  • Customer relationship management including database marketing, digital target group research and evaluation of the number of visitors
  • digital infrastructure

The neanderland sets within the framework of the EU REACT funding the following project modules around:

  • Creation of digital content (image and moving image)
  • Acquisition of digital infrastructure for the district towns and service providers

Territorial strategy concept

The "Territorial strategy concept for the sustainable development of tourism, culture and natural heritage for the Düsseldorf region - Mettmann district" (TSK) considers the state capital Düsseldorf and the district of Mettmann as a tourism development area. The aim of the TSK is to show development potential in the fields of tourism, culture and natural heritage, to define fields of action and an orientation framework for projects ERDF period 2021-2027 to be. Projects and measures should increase the attractiveness and experienceability of culture and natural heritage with the help of tourism and achieve regional economic effects. The specific funding content and criteria can be found in the respective ERDF call for the competitions. The TSK is a dynamic concept, which can be updated annually.

The Düsseldorf - Mettmann district is one of the strongest economic regions in North Rhine-Westphalia. The wide range of offers in the areas of tourism, culture and natural heritage are important location factors that are to be preserved in the future, specifically developed and made accessible to everyone in the region.

The core objective of the TSK is derived from the regional economic analysis and was discussed and coordinated with relevant actors in the region in the participation process. As a result, it contributes to the goals of the EU (ERDF) and the implementation of the strategy for the tourism state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

core objective: We secure and develop the Düsseldorf - Mettmann district for all people, where urbanity and landscape are the promising basis for a highly attractive work, tourism, leisure and living space. To this end, we respect and use the potential of tourism, culture and natural heritage and think and act sustainably in every respect: ecologically, socially and economically.

The core objective complement these sub-goals: strengthen identity, live authenticity; Build resilience in tourism – adapt business travel tourism and MICE segment to market; strengthen leisure tourism; Relieve hot spots, direct guests, use mobility offers in a targeted manner; Protect natural heritage through targeted guest information and guidance; Maintain, develop and highlight locational advantages; increase quality and safety of stay; counteract the shortage of skilled workers and labour; Design attractive living spaces.

The Thematic fields of action for sustainable development of tourism, culture, natural heritage can be found here in the attached illustration.

Projects already implemented

The ERDF projects were funded by the European Union and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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