Under the title “Freedom,” the exhibition presents the photographic results of a workshop of the same name in the Wilhelm Fabry Museum. The predominantly young participants came from five nations and, under the guidance of Michael Ebert, have been taking photographs since the summer on this topic, which is currently of oppressive topicality. The big challenge was to visualize the abstract concept of freedom and, at best, to make it tangible. Around 50 very different images and statements are shown. “We came together as a group of young people from different countries and different cultures as part of a photography workshop and wanted to photograph the topic of freedom. But freedom, what is it and how do you capture it in a photo? We also looked into the question and noticed that you can feel a sign of freedom in every movement, every word and every image. Then we had to ask ourselves the question, what does freedom mean to us? By working with workshop participants from different countries such as Canada, Afghanistan, France and Ukraine, we gained an insight into the possibilities of the multibilingual language of photography and went far beyond the standard symbolic images of freedom. From the children playing who roam carefree through the forest, from landscape photographs and demonstrations, oppression of women, to fireworks, which are no more allowed in Afghanistan than singing on the street. We have a spectrum of images and some of them may make you wonder what that has to do with freedom. One must not forget that the freedom that we experience here in Germany, for example, is not the same as in other countries. What we take for granted here is not only forbidden in other countries, but is also severely punished. Living out one's individual beliefs, one's opinions, one's political positions, and one's own sexuality can lead to serious consequences in other countries. You should always be aware of the freedom in which we live and, in addition to our pictures, that is also a result of this workshop.”

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