Güdny Schneider- Mombaur - Magic Mountains Mystery Tour


The theme of travel runs like a common thread through the grisaille-toned paintings of Güdny Schneider-Mombaur, who studied from 1970 to 1977 at the Düsseldorf State Art Academy under Prof. Erwin Heerich. The journey “the mystery tour”, which is echoed in the exhibition title, actually took place in 1994. It was an international artist exchange between Germany and the People's Republic of China. Ten provinces of the host country were visited together with ten German and international artists. Schneider-Mombaur's “Chinablock” was created immediately after working in China. The works were designed with typically Asian materials – Chinese inks, rice paper, color stamps, characters. They are related to one of the traditional Chinese forms of presentation, scroll painting. The groups of works presented in Hilden mark exemplary geographical locations from China, via Tibet, the Trans-Himalayas to the European Alps. The mountains are the central motif and at the same time Güdny Schneider-Mombaur's cultural reference point. For the artist, they are “magical mountains with a spiritual aura”. She takes us on her journey to Tibet and incorporates traditional Sherpa luggage into her work. They visualize the Tibetan Buddhist concept of samsara, the constant, restless wandering in this world. A symbol that represents a key motif for Güdny Schneider-Mombaur in her exhibition. In 2017, the image technique and image message in her works changed. The landscape images of the “Magic Mountains” are expanded with current worlds of life, culture and experiences. In the combination of collage, frottage, drawing and painting, fragments of reality from the media flood of images, fragments of nature and civilization merge. The global catastrophe scenarios have dominated the images of the “Magic mountains #breaking news” since 2020. The landscape is taking on more and more dystopian features. The utopia of a hope-giving mountain world begins to falter. Climate change is causing glaciers to melt, permafrost to disappear and rock massifs to collapse.

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Sunday, May 10.03.2024th, XNUMX

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Art space in the industrial park south

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