Heinz Groening | Fifty Shades of Heinz


An excellently matured comedy artist presents fifty facets of his (h)unique comedy. From critical-political to musically clever to poetically rhymed. Heinz Gröning is an all-round talent who sings, raps, writes poetry and philosophizes.

The incredible Heinz has no equal in Germany. One of the most creative and experienced comedy artists in Germany has developed over the years in all genres of comedy and shows what he has to offer with FIFTY SHADES OF HEINZ at the zenith of his abilities.

And the core message of the incorrigible optimist resonates in all the songs, poems and gags. If we want to shape our future positively, we have to know what we dream about and not what we are afraid of.

from 18 clock
The event takes place in the Heinrich Strangmeier Hall.

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Price adult: 16,50€
16,50 euros (plus advance booking fee)


Office for Culture and Tourism

Düsseldorfer Strasse 26
40822 Mettmann

0049 2104 99-0



Appointment overview

Saturday, May 09.03.2024th

19: 00 - 22: 00


Music school in the city of Hilden

Gerresheimer Strasse 20
40721 Hilden

0049 2103 7225-0


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