Delicious fruit in liquid form


The steam grain distillery in the Wilhelm Fabry Museum in Hilden with fruit brandy tasting. The German Tool Museum is a guest at the Wilhelm Fabry Museum. We all know that fruit is very healthy and should definitely be part of your diet. But some people don't like it in its actual and natural form. We have a solution for this: fruit in liquid form. However, this does not mean fruit juices. Sandra Abend will introduce the Dampfkorn distillery. Various highlights come together here – the drive via a steam engine and the manufacturing process of a grain. Both can be experienced alive and in motion. As a power generator, the steam engine is the heart of the distillery. A transmission system transfers the power to, among other things, the bag elevator, the grain cleaning system, the elevator, the grist mill, the transport screw and the agitator in the mash tun. After these exciting impressions, possible results are tried out. At least six different fruit brandies are tasted together, different regions and their special features as well as the specifics of the various fruits are learned. This time the focus is on very unusual and rather unknown varieties. Of course, this also includes the production methods and their characteristics. The first chairman of the German Tool Museum Support Group, Michael Schwerdtfeger, as well as the museum director of the German Tool Museum, Dr. Andreas Wallbrecht will accompany you on your journey through liquid fruit varieties. “Visiting” is a format of the Bergische Museums network with the theme year “Everything in Connection”.

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Price adult: 33€
The participation fee is 33 euros.


Office for Culture and Tourism

Düsseldorfer Strasse 26
40822 Mettmann

0049 2104 99-0


Appointment overview

Wednesday, the 13.03.2024

18: 00 - 21: 00


Wilhelm Fabry Museum

Benrather Straße 32a
40721 Hilden

0049 2103 590 3


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