Historical place in Monheim
The Kradepohl is a beautifully designed historic square in the city of Monheim am Rhein. Kradepohl is dialect for toad pond, which suggests its origin as a body of water and habitat for toads. In fact, this may be part of the old fortification grave of Monheim or an excavation in which groundwater and flood water collected.

The toad fountain on the square, which was inaugurated in 1973 and repeatedly vandalized, was renovated in 2006 and returned to its original state. The Kradepohl was redesigned in 2018, calming traffic and creating more space for people. There is also a memorial to commemorate the victims of 1933 - 1945 and a metal structure on which numerous traditional associations have immortalized themselves with their badges. This represents a replacement for the former traditional tree, which was temporarily replaced by wooden poles. Since neither the tree nor the wood were permanent, this monument is now made of metal.

The Kradepohl is traditionally the home of the old town of Monheim, which has been celebrating the Schürefest there since 1928 at different times. From this, various other festivals developed, such as the Hahneköppen and the autumn fair. The Monheim fair now takes place in the Berlin district.

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