Kunsthaus Langenberg eV


Started as a former ALDI sales outlet, the Alldiekunsthaus is now managed by the Kunsthaus Langenberg eV association as an event venue, among other things. Alldiekunst consists of an artist café and an exhibition and event hall. Here space is offered for artistic experiments, exhibitions, theatre, music and encounters. In addition to the foundation stone boxes, the most important and well-known projects of the association include the touching points 1 and 2 and the sculpture path. The art projects see themselves as an extended public space - where they can also be viewed and experienced - as an artistically creative rehearsal stage and offer a broad spectrum of experimentation and interaction.

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Office for Culture and Tourism

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40822 Mettmann

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Kunsthaus Langenberg eV

Wiemerstrasse 3
42555 Velbert



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