Heiligenhaus glider airfield


You can fly high with gliders and motor planes at the Meiersberg airfield of the Niederberg Sportflug association in Heiligenhaus. The glider airfield is located in green nature on the edge of the Ruhr area between Heiligenhaus and Ratingen-Homburg. Guests who are enthusiastic about flying can look forward to four different motor planes and a diverse fleet of gliders. From one-seater to four-seater touring aircraft with IFR approval, the club offers lots of fun and excitement above the clouds. Those interested can get closer to the dream of flying during flight training. In the two-seater training aircraft, they learn how to fly on the two-part runways from March to October. Advanced athletes enjoy the spectacular cross-country flights, aerobatics or strive for future competitions.

Good to know

Opening hours

March - October open daily

General Information

  • Parking lots available

  • Bus stop available


  • for individual guests

foreign languages


Other equipment/furnishings

  • toilet facility

Hygiene and infection control measures

The current hygiene and infection protection measures of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia apply

Arrival & Parking

By car
If you come to us from further away, the easiest way is via the A3 to the Ratingen Ost junction and from there via the country road towards Wülfrath. After passing the town of Homberg (Shell gas station at the entrance to the town), the road makes a slight right turn with a crossroads. There you turn left in the direction of Heiligenhaus. It now goes relatively steeply down through the district of Hofermühle. At the bottom there is the Hofermühle bus stop and a traffic light and directly behind it a small turn-off. There the airfield is already signposted to the right.

With public transport
Arriving by bus is very easy, as only line 771, which runs between Velbert and Ratingen, stops within reasonable proximity of the airport. However, the timetables of the 771 are sometimes a bit impractical, a quick look at the timetable is strongly recommended.
You should get off at the "Hofermühle" stop, from there it is only a short walk to us.

The last few meters
Once you have arrived at the Hofermühle, whether on foot or by car, it is only a short way. Just follow the sign "Flugplatz". The road leads you straight through a small forest to a clearing. There it goes left steeply up the mountain. After this last climb you will see a corner of the airfield and a little further the hangars and a large parking lot.

For safety reasons, entering the airfield without being asked is prohibited!
However, there is a picnic area right on the edge of the airfield, from where you can best observe what is happening on the airfield.

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Price information

Young people approx. EUR 50,00 per month


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Heiligenhaus glider airfield
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