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neanderland EXPERIENCE TOURS start in September

Aerial view of the village of Gruiten in Haan
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Old printing press in the Buchmacherey in Velbert-Langenberg
© Buchmacherey Velbert-Langenberg
Altar room of the Mariendom in Velbert-Neviges
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The diversity of neanderlands discover on a guided bus tour

After a long break they leave neanderland EXPERIENCE TOURS starting again in September. Those interested can look forward to a varied daily program in four cities neanderlands happy.

A total of three tours in September and October invite you to do this neanderland get to know them as part of a guided bus trip. Under the motto “Made in neanderlandThe first tour starts on September 7th in Haan with a farm tour of Gut Ellscheid and a visit to the farm shop with the farm's own products. After sufficient refreshment, we continue to the Haaner Felsenquelle, where water has been bottled locally for 100 years - guided tour and tasting included.

On September 19th, the “Space & Pilgrimage” adventure tour takes you up high: After a visit to the “Stellarium Erkrath” planetarium in the Neanderhöhe Hochdahl observatory, a lunchtime snack follows in Neviges. It then continues heavenly in the Mariendom in Velbert - one of the largest sacred buildings in Europe, which is still a well-known place of pilgrimage today.

If you have a knack for speaking and writing, you shouldn't miss the adventure tour of the same name on October 5th: At Radio Neandertal in Mettmann, editor-in-chief Tatjana Pioschyk provides exclusive insights into everyday studio life. After a lunch break, things get creative with a guided tour and hands-on activity in the Gutenberg-Buchmacherey in Velbert.

Three different boarding points are offered for each of the tours. The cost of a tour is 45 euros per person. Detailed information about the tours can be found in the new adventure tour flyer or under www.neanderland.de/erlebnistouren a DAK Bungalow.

All information about the neanderland Those interested can also obtain EXPERIENCE TOURS directly from the tour operator HIN Touristik GmbH (Freiheitstraße 12, 40822 Mettmann):

Phone: 02104–927990
E-mail: info@hin-touristik.de

Registrations for the neanderland EXPERIENCE TOURS are possible either by telephone or in writing.


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