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neanderland HIKING WEEK 2024 - Tour guides wanted

Two friends hike on an overgrown dirt path on the opening hike of the neanderland HIKING WEEK 2022
© Patrick Gawandtka, Kreis Mettmann
Hiking group on tour with guide Michael Jendrysek
© Michael Jendrysek

Hiking tour providers can now suggest creative ideas

NEANDERLAND/METTMANN CIRCLE. On foot, in community and with insiders neanderland discover: The fifth, big one is scheduled to take place from May 25th to June 2nd, 2024 neanderland HIKING WEEK take place. People from all over the region are then drawn to guided tours - from themed walks to expeditions into nature to long-distance hikes neanderland RISE. That's exactly what you're looking for neanderland Tourism is now interested in tour guides who would like to show guests and locals the region during the neanderland HIKING WEEK from a very special side.

The 5. neanderland HIKING WEEK begins on May 25, 2024 with an opening event. From May 26th to June 2nd, hiking enthusiasts can experience the region through a variety of tours, from easy walks to challenging excursions into the mountainous hilly landscape. We are looking for tour providers with exciting routes for families, hikes with or with animals, herbal excursions, walks for mindfulness and experiencing nature, Nordic walking tours or themed hikes with special features in the neanderland. These can be, for example, industrial culture, enjoyment or special landscapes such as heath or lakes.

Interested hiking guides can register at: until December 12th www.neanderland-wanderwoche.de for the neanderland Apply for HIKING WEEK using a registration form. All the necessary information for the guided hike is requested there, such as details about the hiking route, level of difficulty, type of tour, price and information on registration.
“We look forward to many creative suggestions so that our... neanderland HIKING WEEK can once again show in 2024 how worth seeing and diverse our region is,” explains Julia Pölcher from Tourist Marketing neanderland.


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