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Tourist information anytime and anywhere – digital kiosks are ready

Image: Presentation of digital kiosks (1,2 MB)
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The project funded by REACT-EU has been successfully completed

NEANDERLAND/METTMANN CIRCLE. Guest information available anytime and anywhere - whether it's a holiday, evening, sun or snow: the installation of 31 digital information columns in the neanderland is closed. The inauguration of the stele at the Neanderthal Museum was attended by museum director Dr. Bärbel Auffermann as well as Michael Rosenbaum and Arne Jährling from the team neanderland tourism together. The kiosks offer visitors and locals in the Mettmann district information about the subject around the clock, every day of the year at various locations neanderland, tips for your next excursion, maps for orientation or event highlights in the region.

“My thanks go to all the participating district cities, partners in the Mettmann district, but also to the REACT-EU project, through which we received 100% funding,” explains Thomas Hendele. “We see this as a great opportunity for tourism neanderland. The steles provide lots of ideas and suggestions for excursions in the region.”

With the company Neusta destination.one GmbH, those involved procured a total of 22 indoor and 11 outdoor steles worth a total of around 250.000 euros. The robust stainless steel housing can withstand rain and snow, and the display is easy to read even in bright daylight. There is also a mode that is adapted to the needs of wheelchair users and children.

Michael Rosenbaum from the team neanderland, who supervised the project, explains: “This is a strong sign of digitalization in the world neanderland Tourism.” The system behind the stele automatically obtains all the information from the central tourism database neanderlandit. “It’s nice that this data is accessible to visitors through more and more channels: our website, the hiking app and now the kiosks.”
REACT-EU is a development aid from the European Union to cushion the consequences of the Covid19 pandemic and to provide tourism organizations in NRW with adequate equipment and communication with a view to the new requirements and prerequisites for a competitive tourism destination in the digital age. In the neanderland A new image film and new photo material were also created in order to be able to advertise the region between Cologne, Düsseldorf and the Ruhr area.

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