Discovery loop Wasserburg Haus Graven



1,89 km long
theme trail
This very short and easy discovery loop takes you from the Schwanenmühle hiking car park directly past the Langenfeld glider airfield to the handsome moated castle Haus Graven and then, after a beautiful stretch along the Burbach via the neanderland STEIG, back to your starting point. On the way you are in a landscape protection area and at the same time you can see and experience some natural monuments.

The moated castle of Haus Graven dates back to the 13th century. The "Motte Schwanenmühle", which is only a few hundred meters away, is definitely the predecessor of Haus Graven. After being destroyed in the Thirty Years' War, the moated castle was rebuilt in its present form in 30.

In 1995 extensive renovations and a conversion to residential purposes took place. In 2010, the city of Langenfeld rented the moated castle and handed it over to the “Wasserburg Haus Graven eV” association for cultural use.

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Author's tip

A stop at the Wasserburg Haus Graven is worthwhile, as is a short detour to the Cafe Schwanenmühle. You can find links and information about the sights and restaurants under the icons on the map of the discovery loop.

Arrival & Parking

Hiking car park Zur Schwanenmühle, 40764 Langenfeld (Rhineland)

Public transportation

Bus stop Solingen Tränke/Langenfeld Heidehof, approx. 1km to the hiking car park Zur Schwanenmühle, line DL3


Office for Culture and Tourism

Düsseldorfer Strasse 26
40822 Mettmann

0049 2104 99-0


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tour dates
Start: Schwanenmühle hiking car park
Destination: Wanderparkplatz Schwanenmühle


00:28 p.m

1,89 km





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