Stage 15: Langenfeld-Reusrath - Solingen



18,12 km long
regional hiking trail
Very varied, not very easy stage. The path leads from flat heath landscapes to the Leichlinger Sandberge and on through forests and meadows to Solingen, the city of blades.

Langenfeld-Reusrath to Solingen

From Reusrath, we first walk more or less parallel to Europe's No. 1 traffic artery, the BAB A3, which we finally cross at the Further Moor nature reserve. Behind the Naturfreundehaus Leichlingen we hike for a while over the beautiful Langenfelder Sandberge, then through the Leichlinger Sandberge, that's dune fun in the middle of the Rhineland.

Behind the hotel "Haus Gravenberg" we walk along the nudist club of Solingen, which attracts with the motto "Who comes, stays". Behind the former excursion restaurant "Schwanenmühle" we pass the picture-perfect village of Krüdersheide before we head to the "real" heath: the Ohligser Heide nature reserve.

At the Engelsberger Hof leisure facility we can enjoy the park, the stop at the Schlesische Schänke and a gigantic playground - if we have kept the child in us. At the St. Lukas Hospital in Solingen we reach the stage destination.

Good to know

safety instructions

Please stay on the paths. The narrow paths can be slippery in places, especially in wet weather. Be careful with embankments or cliff edges, keep your distance.


Good hiking shoes should already be. Depending on the season and the weather, a jacket is a must along the many cool streams and in the deep forests, as well as on the often windy heights.

Arrival & Parking

Use the app's arrival navigator or your navigation device
on the longitudinal parking strips along Opladener Straße


Parking spaces on Schwanenstrasse

Public transportation

Opladen train station, marked access route 2,2 km
Bus: Rothenberger Straße with lines 231 and 232


Bus: St. Lukas Clinic with line 691

Back to the start:
Solingen Hauptbahnhof RE 7 and RE 48 to Opladen, then bus lines 231 and 232 to Langenfeld Rothenberger Straße or bus Solingen Hauptbahnhof line 791 to S-Bahn Langenfeld, then bus line 231 to Langenfeld Rothenberger Straße


Office for Culture and Tourism

Düsseldorfer Strasse 26
40822 Mettmann

0049 2104 99-0



Wasserburg Haus Graven

our recommendation


tour dates
Start: Opladener Strasse in Langenfeld
Destination: Schwanenstrasse in Solingen


04:45 p.m

18,12 km





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