The neanderland RISE

Pure hiking enthusiasm

The runs at the gates of the Ruhr metropolis and the Bergisches Land neanderland RISE. Over a length of almost 240 kilometers, it circles the entire district in 17 stages. In addition, its thematic hiking trails and discovery loops have something to offer for every taste and requirement: from a relaxed Sunday walk to an ambitious hike, from a sporty tour to a family outing with children. Beautiful, varied nature, tranquil half-timbered towns, as well as castles and palaces alternate with monuments of early industrialization or modern art. But that's not all. Discover your favorite stage of the neanderland STEIGs.

240  Kilometer

Hiking trail in the district of Mettmann

17  Stages

or on the neanderland RISE

21  discovery loops

Circular routes on neanderland RISE

You can experience a lot on foot

All hiking stages

17 stages

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann

discovery loops

Thematic circular hiking trails

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The neanderland STEIG hiking app

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  • Total distance of neanderland STEIGs

  • Individual stages as well as outgoing circular hiking trails

  • Attractions and activities in the area

  • Accommodation and restaurants along the way

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Overview flyer

Free, but not for nothing

Do you want to know where to go? Download our overview flyer or order it to your home free of charge. You will receive the most important information about neanderland STEIG and its 17 stages compactly at a glance. In addition to an overview map and service information, the flyer contains the essential facts and figures (length, duration, altitude and level of difficulty) as well as short descriptions of the nature of each stage. This makes it an extremely useful planning tool for your tours.

Strengthen and recover

Culinary insider tips and special accommodations neanderland RISE

What would hiking be without a cozy stop? Whether it's a refreshing break along the way or overnight options for hiking tours lasting several days, you'll find your perfect stay here. Recharge your batteries with typical regional cuisine or relax in one of the numerous accommodations neanderland RISE. 

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann
© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann

On the go with the whole family

Exciting offers for young and old

“How much longer?” You will hear the popular children’s phrase on your family trip to the natural world neanderland Don't listen to STEIG and his discovery loops. Because it's all about one thing: straight into the fun! Lively streams, mysterious forests, narrow paths, small bridges and always a great view that hides a new adventure. And also: lots of animals. When the Ice Age aurochs suddenly raises its mighty horns from the grass, it's not just small children who are wide-eyed.

This also goes beyond pure hiking and nature experiences neanderland a special kind of family excursion destination. The leisure activities range from guided nature exploration to climbing parks and adventure playgrounds to natural swimming lakes as well as a wide range of sports and water sports options. And as a consistent all-weather highlight, a fantastic place to learn like the Neanderthal Museum with its multimedia educational concept and its world-famous exhibits attracts visitors. Please also inquire about the many other recreational, play and educational offerings for families in the area neanderland.

Bet that you will probably end up hearing the following sentence: "Do we really have to go home already?"

report defects

am neanderland RISE

Did you notice something while hiking that you want to report? Then contact us via the path status indicator. Thanks very much!

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The neanderland

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Guided walks

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Enjoy regionally

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Geocaching on the STEIG

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