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Feast and enjoy regionally

What could be nicer than discovering a region through its culinary delights? Freshly picked fruit, crunchy vegetables, aromatic honey, crispy bread with hearty sausages and spreads of all kinds. Or the cakes from the region, the fine liqueurs and of course the numerous beers with their very own distinctive flavors? In neanderland you will find all this and much more: local products and regional specialties with a close connection to home, where you can almost taste the love for original craftsmanship. Whether exciting new creations or traditional recipes, all ingredients have been grown, harvested, produced or refined in neanderland - verifiably with letter and seal. Treat yourself to the finest indulgence.

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The Neander bee


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Haan rock spring


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Good Schobbenhaus


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Düssel honey


© Düssel-Honig

ClimAid GmbH


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Honey Manufactory Neanderthal


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Heidoli / Beverages Doppstadt GmbH


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Royal NHA UG


Pure beer enjoyment

The bright joy in neanderland

A glass of wine is with all honor, but if you long for a deep sip of fresh, bitter gold and appreciate the subtle differences here, you will get your money's worth on a beer trip in Neanderland. For example with the one brewed in the Bolten brewery Neanderthal country beer from the Landmetzgerei & Catering Hanten, which is available almost everywhere in Neanderland. The light one also promises fresh enjoyment Ratuga beer, which is brewed and served in the Talschlösschen in Ratingen.

In addition to the golden ones, the darker beers also shine. Treat yourself to a Ratinger Alt from the Poensgen private brewery, right in the brewery. Freshly brewed beer is also available at the Hilden beer factory; in addition to light and old beer, honey beer is also freshly tapped from the barrel. Well then, good luck!

Even more regional offers

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TYPICAL neanderland country experiences

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