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Rainy weather offers

Forget the umbrella

Is it wet and cold outside? A good opportunity to take advantage of the great indoor offerings neanderland to perceive. In addition to the top-class cultural sites and the region's numerous museums, churches, castles and palaces, sports and action could be on the program: from the swimming pool to the climbing and ice skating hall to trampoline jumping, virtual reality games or laser tag. Of course, all creative types will also find fantastic offers where they can live out their artistic side. Should it rain...

Swimming and sports pool in Haan


© Andi Werner Photography Düsseldorf - Köln, AndiWerner

Wülfrather water world


© Stadt Wülfrath, Wülfrather Wasserwelt

Birch sauna




© CC-BY-SA | Stadtwerke Erkrath GmbH, Neanderbad

Vabali Spa


© Vabali Spa Düsseldorf

Indoor swimming pool Angerbad


© CC-BY-SA | Stadtwerke Ratingen GmbH

Parkbad Velbert


© CC-BY-SA | Stadtwerke Velbert Bäder GmbH

panoramic bath


© CC-BY-SA | Stadtwerke Velbert Bäder GmbH

Nice bath


© CC-BY-SA | Stadtwerke Velbert Bäder GmbH

Regardless of the weather...

Circular hiking trails in neanderland

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann_CC-BY-SA


© BSW, Patrick Gawandtka

World of experience Neanderthal

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann_CC-BY-SA


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