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Wanderland neanderland

An experience that is as simple as it is unique – and right around the corner: hiking in neanderland, on routes that are among the most beautiful and varied hiking trails in NRW. Look forward to rich natural landscapes and cultural diversity, dreamy towns and countless opportunities for sport, fun and adventure and a lot of history.

There is something for every taste, every age and every length of stay. Whether you go on a tour alone, with friends or with the family, which stages and circular hikes you plan within the excellently developed network of paths, you will be amazed. Last but not least, the diverse, wild and romantic landscape with its rolling hills, dense forests, clear streams and lakes. Enjoy hiking with all your senses in a strong part of North Rhine-Westphalia between the Ruhr area, Düsseldorf, Wuppertal and Cologne. Easy wanderbar! And soon it's time to "lace up your hiking boots" - that neanderland HIKING WEEK starts on May 25.05th.

Fantastic hiking trails

The neanderland RISE

An overview

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Thematic circular hiking trails

Our discovery loops

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Other hiking routes

In the region

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Hiking with a difference

Guided thematic hikes

Of course it has its charm neanderland to explore on your own. But you won't experience forest bathing, nature coaching or fitness hikes with a personal trainer like this. Because with local and expert guidance, there is so much more to discover, enjoy and learn that you would otherwise miss. Choose one of the many different guided themed tours. You will be amazed at how much fascinating you can find in this beautiful neanderland can still elicit. It's all a question of having the right perspective.

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Modern treasure hunt on the neanderland RISE

Scavenger hunts were yesterday. Combine hiking in the great outdoors with the exciting search for hidden treasure. Of course, contemporary with the smartphone and the total of 18 geocaches on it neanderland RISE. Different levels of difficulty also make it easy to get started with modern treasure hunting. If you don't yet know the exciting search with your cell phone, try it out!

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Short trip to neanderland

Find accommodation and food

You can't get enough of it neanderland receive? Then extend your stay a bit and simply stay longer. Or plan several days for your hiking stages. There are plenty of accommodation options. From 4-star accommodation to romantic country inns to well-kept guest rooms on the farm, everything is possible - and everything is very close to your actual hiking experience.

Would you like a little more?

hiking app

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World of experience Neanderthal

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TYPICAL neanderland

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