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You simply have to experience the Neandertal: The unique sights and hiking opportunities in the nature reserve on the Düssel and around the world-famous discovery site of the Neanderthal man are worthwhile for a short trip to neanderland alone. A total of six excursion destinations are grouped together under the Neandertal World of Adventure, where there is plenty to discover for both adults and children. In addition to the modern Neanderthal Museum with a discovery site, the opposite Stone Age playground and Ice Age game reserve and the new landmark, the multimedia adventure tower Höhlenblick, there is also an art trail and the Stone Age workshop. It is not for nothing that the popular travel destination attracts around 150.000 visitors every year. After a day trip, many decide to return for a short break to enjoy more of the beautiful area and its attractions at leisure.

Neanderthal Museum

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stone age playground

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cave view

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Ice Age game reserve

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The history of the Neanderthal

Everything about the historic valley

The Neandertal became world famous more than 160 years ago when the bones of prehistoric man were first found. From then on, the prehistoric past of the region also determined its present and future. Today this history can be experienced up close in one of the most modern museums in Europe and in the new multimedia experience tower Höhlenblick. In addition to the Neanderthal Museum, the Ice Age game reserve and the Stone Age playground give an impression of the lives of our legendary ancestors. Learn more about the Neanderthal and its eventful history, which is so closely linked to the history of mankind.

Hiking on discovery trails

Tours around the Neanderthal site

Combine your visit to the Neanderthal Museum and the surrounding sights with a hike. You can reach the museum from Mettmann via the neanderland STEIG discovery loop "evolution path", which sheds light on the development of the city, the region and the Neandertal. A primal tour through the Neandertal provides exciting, alternative insights into the cultural and agricultural development of the region. And while taking a walk on it Art Trail "Human Traces" Between the museum and the game reserve, ten sculptures invite you to reflect on the tension between man and nature and illustrate many exciting perspectives on the same topic. You can hardly get closer to the Neanderthal man in a more beautiful and comprehensive way.

What else would you like to experience?

Explore circular hiking trails

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Stay overnight

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animal encounters

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