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Historical half-timbered idyll

The garden city of Haan impresses with the combination of urban ambience, idyllic charm and family character. Located between Wuppertal and Düsseldorf, in the middle of neanderland, the city with its 30.000 inhabitants is characterized by both the Bergisches Land and the Rhineland.

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Gruiten village

Historical architecture with charm

The typical style of Bergisch architecture is particularly worth seeing in Haan. The listed half-timbered houses with dark slate and green shutters can be found both in the center of Haan and in the Historic village of Gruiten to find. A visit to the picturesque gem of Gruiten is one of the many sights of the garden city of Haan. Until the 1960s, the village was characterized by lime quarrying, today it invites you to stroll and linger. The Bürger- und Verkehrsverein Gruiten eV has developed an informative tour to explore the historic village of Gruiten. The city center also offers a family atmosphere and many shops run by the owners. A visit is highly recommended.

Hiking in Haan

If you want to explore the Haaner nature on foot, you can do stages 1 and 17 of the adjacent neanderland STEIGs hike. the first stage leads along the Düssel and through the historic village of Gruiten. On the route of 17st stage On the other hand, you cross the Ittertal. Three enable further exploration of the Haan urban area discovery loops, which branch off from the neanderland STEIG and the Hiking route along the Haaner Mühlen and Kotten.

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The green hair

The surrounding idyllic landscapes and stream valleys of the Itter, Düssel and Neandertal underline the natural and varied character of the green city of Haan. Grube 7 - a former quarry - is now a nature reserve and local recreation area with vantage points and beautiful views.


Explore Haan by bike

If you want to explore the garden city of Haan by bike, you can take the PanoramaRadweg Niederbergbahn from Essen-Kettwig via Heiligenhaus to Velbert and Wülfrath to Haan.

Free time in Haan

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Events such as the "Haaner GartenLust" or the "Haaner Sommer" have been an integral part of Haan's leisure program for several years. Guests can also slow down when visiting the rustic restaurants and hospitable hotels in Haan. 

Explore Haan

Birch sauna


Haan rock spring


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Good Ellscheid


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ClimAid GmbH


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Historical town center: Haan-Gruiten


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Golf Club Haan-Düsseltal 1994 eV


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Haaner GartenLust eV


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Segway Point Haan Rhineland


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Haan municipal utilities


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Swimming and sports pool in Haan


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