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Always worth a trip

The young and dynamic city of Langenfeld is an extremely popular and interesting location thanks to its excellent transport links. Located in the south of the Mettmann district, Langenfeld borders on Solingen, Leverkusen and Düsseldorf and is in an ideal location between the Rhine metropolises in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Culture and leisure in Langenfeld

Due to its relatively young history and the merger of two cities in 1948, Langenfeld does not have a historic city center. The city center of Langenfeld with numerous restaurants and shops still invites you to stroll and linger.

The cultural offerings of the city of Langenfeld also offer all those interested a nationally respected cultural standard with theater performances, exhibitions, concerts, cabaret and comedy. Scene for some cultural events is among others the Wasserburg Haus Graven, which probably dates from the 13th century.

Water sports and action


Further leisure activities can be found in the club life and the numerous sports activities. With five different tracks is the Langenfeld water ski facility one of the largest facilities in the world and therefore the most famous attraction in Langenfeld. A highlight of this system is the world's first Lakesurfing Wave in the open air, which is the contact point for many sports enthusiasts. Experienced surfers can expand their surfing skills here and those who have never stood on a surfboard can learn how to ride the waves under supervision.

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Explore Langenfeld on foot

The natural forest and green belt of Langenfeld is a popular place for nature lovers. If you want to explore the Langenfeld nature by hiking, you can do the neanderland STEIG stages 14 or 15. The easy and moderately difficult stages are characterized by beautiful paths along many lakes, sand mountains, heaths and moors as well as regional agriculture.

Relax in the countryside

If you want to combine an overnight stay with a wellness stay in neanderland, stay in the Lohmann's Romantik Hotel Gravenberg. The hotel is idyllically situated surrounded by forest and meadows and is nevertheless very easy to reach. In the in-house restaurant, special attention is paid to regional and seasonal food from the town of Langenfeld and the surrounding area.

Explore Langenfeld

Wasserburg Haus Graven


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Meyer rafting


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7th Space


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indoor golf


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