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The Neanderthal City

The city of Mettmann stands for a unique cultural offering, friendly hospitality and a beautiful green belt. The optimal location in the middle of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region benefits good connections for guests and the approximately 40.000 residents. Mettmann is the capital of the Mettmann district and therefore the beating heart of the region neanderland. 

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Visiting the Neanderthals

One of the most famous sights in Mettmann is the world-famous Neanderthal Museum. In the multimedia permanent exhibition, children and adults learn more about the history of the origins of mankind. Lifelike figures of Neanderthals, listening experiences, PC stations and other exhibits illustrate the current research results from archeology and paleanthropology. In addition, exciting workshops, guided tours and activity programs are offered.

On the trail of history in nature

In addition to the award-winning museum, there is also the discovery site of the Neanderthal man, the Ice Age game reserve and the art way in the famous Neanderthal, right outside Mettmann's gates. The Neanderthal town of Mettmann is criss-crossed by idyllic hiking and walking trails, which, despite the slightly mountainous topography, offer attractive routes for every level. Numerous paths for hiking, jogging, cycling and inline skating invite you to relax in nature. In addition, two eventful ones lead neanderland STEIG discovery loops by Mettmann: the evolution path and a loop through that Stinderbachtal

Stop in the upper town

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The historic upper town of Mettmann invites you to stroll and linger in one of the many street cafes or restaurants. The ring of buildings around the St. Lambertus Church from the 12th century forms the focal point. After a leisurely stroll, hungry visitors can stop off at the City History House and enjoy a traditional Bergische Kaffeetafel .

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Culture and cuisine in Mettmann

The city organizes city festivals, sporting events and nationally known open-air events throughout the year. Those who would like to explore the region for several days can stay in one of the hotels in Mettmann. The conference and wellness hotel Good Höhne attaches great importance to seasonal and regional organic products and promises an all-round relaxing stay. If you like something a little more unusual, stay at the Road Stop Neanderthal with 27 different USA themed rooms.

Explore Mettmann

Neanderthal Museum


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Cave View Adventure Tower


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Royal NHA UG


The Neandertal


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St. Lambertus Church Mettmann


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