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The 10 cities of neanderland

Diversity with character

10 district towns belong to the district of Mettmann - and each one has its own distinctive characteristics as well as its individual strengths, destinations and offers. Experience the beginnings of human history in the Neanderthal Museum. Enjoy the half-timbered romance of historic town centers or stroll along the sophisticated Rhine promenades. Visit churches, theater festivals, go climbing or surfing, or… take a look at our city portraits. You will be amazed at the sights and excursions the towns in neanderland have to offer for your holiday right on your doorstep. Off to Erkrath, Haan, sanctuary, Hilden, Langenfeld, Mettmann, Monheim am Rhine, Ratingen, VelbertOr Wuelfrath!


Historical half-timbered idyll

© Kreis Mettmann, Martina Chardin


The city in the green

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann_CC-BY-SA


Culture-loving family town

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann_CC-BY-SA


Where history meets modernity

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann_CC-BY-SA


The Neanderthal City

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann_CC-BY-SA


Green heart and still pole

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann_CC-BY-SA


When landscape meets old town

© Kreis Mettmann, Martina Chardin


Natural idyll with historical character

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann_CC-BY-SA
© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann_CC-BY-SA

City and Food Tour

See more. understand more. Experience more.

A lot of exciting things can be discovered on your own, but if you want to get to know the real special features of a city, learn about the background and perhaps even discover some secrets, you can delve even deeper into the stories and highlights on a city tour. Get to know the towns in neanderland thoroughly and learn about the special features under expert guidance, or perhaps experience the towns from a completely unexpected perspective.

© Kreis Mettmann, Martina Chardin

For those interested in history

Historical lexicon of the Mettmann district

Learn more about the history of the region, the district and its cities! The “Historical Lexicon for the District and Cities” is a modern reference work that is constantly growing. Here you will find clear access to all kinds of historical information. The project was set up by the district archive of the Mettmann district with the help of regional cultural funding from the Rhineland Regional Association.

Experience actively, according to taste

Experience sports & action

© Wasserski Langenfeld

go hiking

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann

Explore by bike

© BSW-Patrik Gawandtka

Enjoy regionally

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