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Guided hiking tours

On the trail of knowledge

Try wild herbs and medicinal plants along the way. Reveal the secret of orchards. Or rediscover the original life of Stone Age people at every turn. You can experience this and much more on our guided hiking tours. Accompanied by expert scouts, families, children and nature lovers dive deep into the hidden worlds of nature and history. Click through our exciting offers. Worth it!

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combine highlights

Actively extend downtime

Have you got a taste for the guided tours and want more? Then just stay a little longer. There are plenty of exciting offers. Especially for sports and action enthusiasts: from climbing in the hall, in the park or in the quarry to water skiing, rafting and surfing on a standing surf wave to Segway tours, horseback riding or golf, everything is possible. And if you're really exhausted and looking for a place to stay nearby, you'll find one of our many accommodation guaranteed to find something. After all, tomorrow is another beautiful day in neanderland.

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Offers for families

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann

Geocaching on the neanderland STEIG

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circular hiking trails

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