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Rhine Cycle Path

Nature and culture in a lively interplay

From the source of the Rhine in Switzerland to its mouth in Duisburg, the Rhine cycle path stretches over 1.230 km. The probably most varied 226 km lead through NRW in five stages. The second stage between Cologne and Düsseldorf runs through Monheim am Rhein neanderland. Here, varied forest, meadow and floodplain landscapes complement each other perfectly with impressive art and cultural experiences. Let yourself be enchanted by the species-rich meadows of the Urdenbacher Kämpe, immerse yourself in antiquity in the old Roman fort Haus Bürgel, or explore the old town of Monheim am Rhein. The easy-to-drive route is also ideal for families with children.


The 2nd stage

Route, tips and sights

  • Difficulty level: easy

  • Track length:

     51,2 km

  • driving time:

     about 3 h

  • Meters uphill: 98 m

  • Altitude downhill: -

  • Highest point: 54 m

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This is where you should stop

The 2nd stage of the Rhine Cycle Path begins in the old town of Cologne and leads via the Urdenbacher Kämpe and further along the Monheimer Rheinbogen to the picturesque old town of Monheim am Rhein. Via Neuss you finally reach Düsseldorf, the fashionable state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia with its vibrant cultural scene.

The special appeal of this route lies in the perfect combination of art, culture and enchanting natural landscapes such as the Urdenbacher Kämpe. With it you can achieve that too neanderland. The natural, undeveloped floodplain landscape is fascinating thanks to its different water levels and an abundance of different animal and plant species. Traditional orchards alternate with swaying pastures, tranquil forests and idyllic oxbow lakes of the Rhine. 

In the middle lies the former Roman fort Haus Bürgel, which has been a World Heritage Site since 2021 with its original preserved part of the Lower Germanic Limes. The museum and the adjoining archaeological outdoor path provide a deep insight into 2.000 years of Roman history. But Bürgel is not only a must for those interested in history. Animal and nature lovers will also get their money's worth with the Biological Station and the cold blood horse breeding. 

Along the Monheimer Rheinbogen your path leads you further into the picturesque Old town of Monheim. After a relaxing break in one of the numerous cozy cafés, restaurants or beer gardens, it is worth visiting the nature discovery trail in the Rheinbogen Landscape Park. 11 interactive stations bring you closer to the flora and fauna of the dike foreland in an instructive and descriptive way. There is a lot to discover, from wild bees to wet biotopes and meadow orchards to highland cattle. Made for families with children. By the way, you will also find a picnic basket and Kettcar rental. The 320 square meter promises refreshing cooling water playground with everything that makes the sparkling pleasure perfect. 

If you are already in neanderland you can take a detour to Neanderthal Museum not missing in Mettmann. The museum, which is one of the most modern in Europe, tells the story of mankind from the beginnings more than four million years ago to the present day. And of course that of the Neanderthals.

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Culturally on the go

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