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Blogging on the way in neanderland

First-hand tips

The following bloggers share impressions of their very personal experiences in neanderland. As part of their individual travel reports, they provide inspiration for particularly worthwhile destinations and sights, practical tips on hiking routes, parking and catering options, hiking with family and dog, and so much more. Accompany the bloggers on their travels, watch the videos and get a taste. Be inspired by their experiences – and imitate them.
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Worn out shoes

Profile picture person Sabine Schönberg
© Sabine Schönberg

Hiking blogger Bina reports on tours, experiences, travel and other outdoor activities on her blog "Ausgelatscheschuhe". Whether it's a small hike on the doorstep, an ultra-march or a crossing of the Alps: Bina is always on the go. She shares information about hiking, various hiking trails and regions with you. It also offers guided hikes once or twice a month.

couch escape

Profile picture person Sabrina Bechtold
© Sabrina Bechtold

Sabrina from the outdoor travel blog "Couchaway" is not only an original Ruhrpott girl, but also describes herself as a scaredy-cat with a thirst for adventure. On her blog she reports with a lot of heart and soul about her hikes, mountain bike tours and nature trips near and far.

Creative Elena

Logo by the blogger Elena Paschinger
© Elena Paschinger

The blogger Elena from Austria writes about her international travels with a focus on "enjoyment & culinary delights" and "creative".

The forest is calling

Profile picture person Patrick Krenz
© Patrick Krenz

With short, cheerful videos, Patrick would like to show what beautiful corners there are between the Rhine and Ruhr, in neanderland and in the Bergisches Land - a bit cheeky and always with a charming wink. All tours can be reached by train and the routes are available for download.

Discoverer (g) travel

Logo by the blogger Monika Baum
© Monika Baum

In her travel and lifestyle blog Discoverer(g)reise, Monika writes about travel and experiences with and for the over 40s.

Outdoor Family Happiness

Profile picture person Natalie Dickmann with child
© Natalie Dickmann

Natalie blogs about nature and outdoor experiences as well as active travel for the whole family. The focus is on hiking and traveling with children, but also on outdoor activities with friends and her husband. Based on the Lower Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia, she and her loved ones are always drawn to the Alps, but also to the German low mountain ranges and the varied nature in and around NRW. It is a matter close to her heart to motivate families to spend their free time in the fresh air and to enable children to experience nature with all their senses.

For families, Natalie recently published her book "Nature Time with Children: Green Oases in the Ruhr Area", which presents 40 special hiking and discovery tours for young and old.

POTT.each other

Profile picture person Sascha Barchet
© Sascha Barchet

Sascha "Schrömi" Barchet is a blogger from the Ruhr area and has been reporting on various leisure, excursion and event tips on his POTT.blog on the Internet and in the social media since 2017 under the motto "MIT.einander, FÜR.einander, POTT.einander". Media, as POTT.cast on Spotify and especially on his YouTube channel. "BLOGGING THE POTT: Getting close!" with POTT.einander, the Heimat.BLOG from ESSEN.

travel notebook

Logo of the blogger Sabine Depew
© Sabine Depew

Reisekladde blogs about traveling with a dog.

Travel makes you hungry

Profile picture Person Natalie Thill
© Thomas Thill

On my blog reisenmachthungrig.de I bring my two great passions together - nature photography and hiking. Together with my husband, who now records our videos, and our loyal travel companion Merlin, I go out on the weekends to explore the natural paradises around Cologne. We always take our food with us due to my intolerances. Therefore, there are also easy and quick to implement, compatible dishes on my blog, which are also suitable to take away.


Profile picture Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk
© Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk

Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk takes it very freely after Janosch: Happiness is far away and the distance is always there where you are not. On her blog Smaracuja, the graphic designer and bouncy world champion uses illustrative stories to tell about the longing for travel, about what home actually means and about the many big and small adventures in between. She works as a content creator in Berlin.

soul trails

Logo of the blogger Soultrails
© Soultrails

Soultrails has hiking fever! On his YouTube channel, he reports on everything to do with hiking, trekking and ultralight equipment, and is primarily aimed at newcomers. On his first long-distance hike, he chose the neanderland STEIG.

Part time traveler

Profile picture Person Janett Schindler
© Janett Schindler

Janett and her team blog about short trips and short hikes, she has been to neanderland several times. In 2022 she is on the way to research for the home moments in the Bergisches Land.


The Travelholics

Logo of blogger Marcel Lorek
© Marcel Lorek

Nicole and Marcel from The Travelholics are addicted to travel and love hiking and mountaineering. In their blog they report on their travels and experiences around the world. They also stopped in neanderland and explored the neanderland STEIG at every turn.

Many women on tour

Logo of the blogger Tanja Neumann
© Tanja Neumann

Tanja blogs about short and weekend trips, creative vacations, convertible tours and road trips with stops in special cafés and restaurants.

forest cult

Logo of the blogger Timo Hoffmann
© Timo Hoffmann

Timo Hoffmann loves hiking and adventure. Above all, long-distance hikes (trekking) - even under extreme conditions - are his passion. On his YouTube blog "Waldkult" he presents his travels and tours in short videos.

Walking Eddie

Profile picture Person Carsten Ewers
© Carsten Ewers

As "Walking Eddie", Carsten Ewers explores the hiking trails and excursion destinations in the Bergisches Land, in neanderland, in the Ruhr area and in the Harz Mountains. He reports on his tours in hiking videos on his YouTube channel and on his blog.

hiking trail world

Logo of the blogger Jürgen Weiß
© Jürgen Weiß

Onwandernwegewelt.de everything revolves around the topic of hiking. Whether short or long, demanding or easy, near or far hiking trails - Jürgen Weiß hikes them all and blogs about the many thousands of trails that invite you to hike and experience nature in Germany and Europe.

© Patrick Gawandtka, Kreis Mettmann

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