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culture for kids

Art and history - super exciting!

culture for children? Sure, you just have to get them excited. This is exactly what the museums in neanderland have a knack for: In a playful and creative way, the museum educators bring their topics closer and turn places of learning into places of experience. Whether on the trail of the first man in the Neandertal world of experience, as a naturalist in the Bruchhausen nature conservation center, with lively history lessons in the Wülfrath time tunnel and in the Roman Museum in Bürgel. Especially in the fire brigade or doll and toy museum, children's eyes like to light up. Thanks to the exciting activities, the little ones often don't even notice that they are learning and are all the more excited to keep it.

Museum Landscape Abbot's Kitchen


© CC-BY-SA | Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann


Monheim am Rhine

© Stadt Monheim am Rhein

Roman Museum Haus Bürgel

Monheim am Rhine

Observatory Neanderhöhe Hochdahl


© Sternwarte Neanderhöhe Hochdahl e.V. , Ralph Orange

German lock- and fittings museum


© Stadt Velbert, Maren Frankreiter

Wülfrath time tunnel


Wilhelm Fabry Museum


© Stadt Hilden, Michael Krambrock

Museum Locomotive Shed


Upper Silesian State Museum


© CC-BY-SA | SHOS_OSLM, Leonie Langen

Exciting for children and adults

Swimming and bathing fun

© Wasserski Langenfeld

circular hiking trails

© Dominik Ketz, Kreis Mettmann_CC-BY-SA


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