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EXPERIENCES are very important in neanderland. A few samples: "Night at the Museum" - that's not just a film title, but also the offer of the neanderland MUSEUM NIGHT, which night owls can experience in over 30 facilities. If you have dedicated yourself to the fine arts, you will be enthusiastic about the neanderland ART or the open studios as part of the neanderland TATORTE. The district-wide theater festival neanderland BIENNALE is extremely lively and surprising. Not to forget the neanderland HIKING WEEK around the neanderland CLIMB. But that's not all. It's best if you experience it yourself.

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Would you like to find current events in your area or report events in neanderland? Then you can go directly to our calendar of events and find an overview of all dates. New event information can be entered here. 

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Regular events in neanderland

neanderland HIKING WEEK

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The neanderland HIKING WEEK is a one-week hiking event that takes place every two years around the neanderland STEIG. In addition to tours for ambitious hikers, there are also walks for older people and families with children. 

Most recently, in May 2022, hiking enthusiasts young and old were able to explore the most beautiful routes of the neanderland STEIG, the discovery loops and many other hiking trails on over 35 guided tours. The tours focused on the topics of mindfulness, cuisine, animal encounters, nature and adventure.

The The next Neanderland HIKING WEEK will take place from May 25th to June 2nd, 2024 instead.


Mettmann district | Tourism subject area | Paula Lange | Tel.: 02104-992079 | paula.lange(at)kreis-mettmann.de

neanderland ART

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neanderland ART 2024

The neanderland ART is a juried group exhibition in which artists from the Mettmann district present their latest works of art. In 2014 the first neanderland ART took place. Until 2012 the format was called “district art exhibition”. Every two years, neanderland ART offers space for a wide range of art genres and stylistic diversity. In the past few years, paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations and objects have been represented.

The next neanderland ART will take place from April 26th to July 14th, 2024 in the Ratingen City Museum.

Apply now!

Artists who live or work in neanderland or have another close connection to the Mettmann district can apply to take part in neanderland ART 16 from now until February 2024, 24. Artworks from all art disciplines that were created in the last two years can be submitted. The advertisement, all information about the conditions of participation and application forms can be found on the Mettmann district website.



District Mettmann | Subject Culture | Theresa Naomi Dog | Phone: 02104-992074 | theresa.hund(at)kreis-mettmann.de

District Mettmann | Subject Culture | Veronica Weber Phone: 02104-993013 | kulturamt(at)kreis-mettmann.de 


© Kreis Mettmann

Every two years it says "admission desired" when numerous dedicated artists from the district open their studios to an interested public as part of the "neanderland TATORTE" campaign. All categories are represented, from painting and graphics to photography and sculpture to glass art, ceramics and book design. Professional and self-taught artists welcome you to their studios.

The next neanderland TATORTE will take place on August 31.08st. and 01.09. in the northern district and on September 07.09th. and September 08.09.2024th, XNUMX in the southern district.


District Mettmann | Subject Culture | Theresa Naomi Dog | Phone: 02104-992074 | theresa.hund(at)kreis-mettmann.de

District Mettmann | Subject Culture | â € ‹â €‹ â € ‹â €‹ â € ‹â €‹ â € ‹Veronica Weber Phone: 02104-993013 | kulturamt(at)kreis-mettmann.de 

neanderland MUSEUM NIGHT

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Every two years, more than 30 facilities open their doors to night owls for the museum night in neanderland. Admission is free.

Every year on the last Friday in September, museums, natural history rooms, art associations and private collections throughout the district take part in the neanderland MUSEUM NIGHT. In many places, a varied program for big and small guests is organized. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the cultural diversity of neanderland.

The last Neanderland MUSEUM NIGHT took place on the 29. September 2023 instead of. The new date will be announced here.


District Mettmann | Subject Culture | Theresa Naomi Dog | Phone: 02104-992074 | theresa.hund(at)kreis-mettmann.de

District Mettmann | Subject Culture | Veronica Weber Phone: 02104-993013 | kulturamt(at)kreis-mettmann.de 

neanderland BIENNIAL

The neanderland BIENNALE is a district-wide theater festival with a local connection that takes place every two years as a cooperation between the Mettmann district and the cities of Erkrath, Haan, Heiligenhaus, Hilden, Langenfeld, Mettmann, Monheim am Rhein, Ratingen, Velbert and Wülfrath. The focus is on theater productions at unusual venues throughout Neanderland, often outside. New and popular since the last BIENNALE is the Theater+ side track, which opened up to other cultural sectors: acrobatics, readings, concerts and, for the first time, poetry slam. This concept was also retained at the 11th neanderland BIENNALE. This took place from August 19th to September 09th, 2023 under the motto “SpielRäume”.

During the neanderland BIENNALE 23, top-class performances were shown in parks, pedestrian zones, in the forest and in a cave, among other places: the festival team brought theater to new places and opened up new intellectual ones with socially relevant pieces “PlayRooms”. Fun and a good mood were not neglected: the festival began with the popular citizens' dinner, there were performances for children and young people as well as a concert that invited people to enjoy, theater walks, acrobatics, and at the end the amusing Neanderland SLAM.

Anyone who would like to review the neanderland BIENNALE 23 again is warmly invited to come through PhotosVideos and Blog to browse.

The next Neanderland BIENNALE is expected to take place in summer 2025 instead.


District Mettmann | Subject Culture | Theresa Naomi Dog | Phone: 02104-992074 | theresa.hund(at)kreis-mettmann.de

District Mettmann | Subject Culture | Veronica Weber Phone: 02104-993013 | kulturamt(at)kreis-mettmann.de 

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