Cave View Adventure Tower


Viewpoint/lookout tower

Multimedia adventure tower at the site where the Neanderthal was found

A group of Neanderthals sit around a campfire. In the distance, a herd of mammoths trudges through the vastness of the landscape and a cave lion sits on the large rock formations of the Neandertal watching the hustle and bustle. Suddenly a child pulls on your coat and asks if it can climb through the large climbing net. Thanks to augmented reality technology you were just in the stone age, but now you are back in the here and now. You are standing at the top of a 22 m high tower, which is covered by an impressive skullcap weighing 7 tons and here, at the level of the original Neanderthal site, gives you the feeling of being very close to one of the most famous finds in human history.

"Cave View" is the name of this imposing tower, which uses various elements installed in it to show you the importance of the Neanderthal and the place where it was found, and thanks to state-of-the-art technology it transports you back to the time of hunters and gatherers. The open steel construction based on a design by Jürg Steiner stands exactly on the site of the Neanderthal find cave Feldhofer Grotte, which was destroyed by limestone mining in the 19th century. The tower is barrier-free for over 360 m thanks to inner and outer ramps and can also be left quickly via an inner spiral staircase.

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