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Hiking route along the Haaner Mühlen and Kotten
A few centuries ago, a large branch of industry was based on the Itter, which used the water power of the river as a source of energy. For several centuries, blades for swords, knives and scissors, among other things, were produced using water power and grain was ground. The Itter drove the water wheels of the Schleiferkotten or the mill wheels. These companies were not only located in the Haan area along the Itter, but also on other rivers in the Bergisches Land.

There were a total of four cottages and three mills along the Itter in the city of Haan. There were also other mills and cottages that had chosen their location on other streams in the Haan city area. When electricity later replaced hydropower, the companies were no longer dependent on a location directly on a river and relocated. Today there are no more cottages and mills in Haan an der Itter and the other streams that are used for their actual function. Not all of the buildings have survived either. Some of the former business premises that have been preserved are listed and privately owned. They are used, among other things, as a residential building or are run as restaurants.

This hiking route takes you along the still existing buildings of the former mills and cottages. Today's wonderful surroundings hardly give any indication that the river courses were used industrially in earlier times.

Further information on the industrial use of the Itter, the Haaner Mühlen and Kotten can be found here on the website of the city of Haan.

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Start: Heidberger Mühle hiking car park
Destination: Heidberger Mühle hiking car park


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13,93 km

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