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Former moated castle - registered architectural monument and archaeological monument

The former moated castle on the historic "Mauspfad" long-distance route monitored a Düssel crossing. The name - first mentioned in 1144 as "marafa" - means "moor (mar-)" and "flowing water (-afa)". The first owner was the Vilich Abbey near Bonn, which was followed in 1220 by the Gerresheim Abbey. 1282 Morp is mentioned as a tithe farm of the same named Honschaft.

The procession of the canonesses from Gerresheim on September 14 of each year points to a former chapel. From 1410 to 1676 the estate was owned by the Knights of Winkelhausen, then by the Counts of Hatzfeld, from whom Friedrich Grillo took it over in the 19th century.

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House Morph

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