Velbert town hall


Historical building
The history of Velbert's town hall goes back to the year 1839, when the first town hall or community center was inaugurated and occupied with a big ceremony in November. At that time there was a guard room including two prison cells in the building. Police office and mayor's office were united under one roof; there was also a courtroom that also served as the town council chamber. An archive has also been set up. During the 1880s, Velbert's population increased rapidly, which is why the town hall building became too small. From mid-July 1888, the administrative offices were relocated to the new town hall building on Heiligenhauser Strasse - today's Poststrasse. As an institution for the municipality and community of Velbert, the town hall had to adapt over time to the growing population and the economic developments in the city. In 1997, the town hall was expanded by renting and later acquiring office space with a new building on Thomasstraße, the town hall arcades (also known as the “banana” in the vernacular). The charm of the old building and the town hall tower that can be seen from afar with a height of around 32 meters in combination with the functionality of the extension make the Velbert town hall a special place that represents tradition as well as innovation and constant further development and is the first point of contact for citizens citizen of the city serves.

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Velbert town hall

Thomasstrasse 1
42551 Velbert

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